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LinkoCTS and LinkoFOG Improvements

Linko Technology Inc. strives to be the best software solution for your Pretreatment and Fats, Oils and Grease program(s). We are continually updating the LinkoCTS and LinkoFOG products to be the best available! Below is a list of new improvements.

Linko Software Version 15 Available Now!

Version 15 enhancements

GIS Integration: Version 15 has added the ability to connect your GIS software to Linko. We have created 6 standard GIS data views which are ready to be set up with any GIS tool. GIS programmers can pull data from Linko and layer it into your GIS software. Integrate with GIS out of the box.

Export Linko Screen Data to Excel:  That's right, now you can export the exact data you have on your Linko screen, in the exact order you have it, directly into Excel. What you see is what you get!

New Actions Menu: Choose to export what’s on the screen or configure what you see on the screen. 

New fields: In the results group screen, new fields for numeric result and adjusted results have been added. This allows for easier graphing and trending when information is exported to Excel. By adding the adjusted results to this screen, we’ve streamlined how users can view the adjusted results. No more need to calculate adjusted results in Compliance Assistant exclusively.

User Management: We've added functionality which will allow Linko administrators to inactivate users who no longer use the software. This will clean up drop down lists with retired or inactive personnel listed.

Improved Sample Workflow:

Improved FOG Manifest Workflow: Now when you enter manifest details, several enhancements make things a whole lot easier.

Compatibility: Version 15 supports SQL Server 2014

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